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  • Mr. Ren -

    When u will be on, take a look on our Shoutbox.
    Zinger showed up again lol

  • Sturg -

    lol i was wondering when youd show up again korn

  • failedpianist -​ sturgdox

  • Mr. Ren -

    LOL! Look what he sent to me:

    <Dear Mr. Ren,

    "danny001" sent you a message on "The Èxile: Academy of the Jedi's":
    Hi Ren, i watched you on the servers. Hmmm those two ancients are killing you. If i were you i would duel and kill exile sturg and exile speed. do not let yourself be under them :) . challenge exile sturg and exile speed to 15 duels and win them all, and you will absorb their power and have high skill. to kill an ancinet and powerfull players like them you must have help. seeya on the server>